Community Submissions

We welcome all submissions from everyday people in Canada to writers who want to speak out on the issues. Original articles posted on The Canadian Conversation are linked in Google News, and syndicated over the web using RSS and Atom news feeds. The author retains all rights to their submission which they freely exhibit on The Canadian Conversation web site.

Things you can do to help us get your voice out to the people:

It will help if you include an image with the submission. We can’t always take the time to find an appropriate image for your work, but we try because it helps with presenting The Canadian Conversation. An image chosen by you better reflects your thoughts. The image should help facilitate the focal interest of the piece. The presentation to our viewers translates into your readership.

Include Keywords – Keywords help everyone because the search engines we are trying to gain the attention of are much happier if we include the most important words. It also helps if the keywords are somewhat unique (not common words) and are repeated throughout the piece as well as one or two very important keywords in the title.

Include your Bio – We like to include authors’ biographies. This gives our readers an idea of where you are coming from. If they know where you’re coming from, they’ll have a better idea where you’re going, more reason to join you on your journey.

If possible please send your submission as a MS Word or .txt attachment to:
For those who wish to use a copyright statement with their submission, two helpful examples have been provided below:

  • By Your Name © Copyright 20xx
  • By Your Name © Copyright 20xx. Permission is granted for reprint in print, email, blog, or web media if this credit is attached and the title remains unchanged. Your Name is a Canadian and a freelance writer.