Our flagship project is the Community Business Clinic (CBC) which brings together all the elements; community collaboration, business intelligence and innovation at ground level.

We look for non-profit community organizations that traditionally offer immigrant settlement services, have over 10,000 members and need a sustainable business program in their portfolio.

We engage through our partners in the immigrant/newcomer communities of Markham, Brampton, Mississauga, Toronto (GTA), and Richmond Hill.

The Community Business Clinics role is to be catalytic in strengthening the entrepreneurial spirit in each of our targeted communities.

Simply Put:
• We develop community-business-academic partnerships.
• We analyze available community rich data and highlight potential areas of interest.
• We pilot sustainable products and programs for all our partners.



We offer needed and relevant services based on community feedback, we also develop sustainable models in conjunction with the business/academia.


We interpret new and existing data for our partners making them more in tune with the needs of their customers. Brand value is then measurable.


We collaborate and facilitate in the creation of sustainable community program models and play a significant role in the community internship program.