What we believe.
We, at The Canadian Conversation, believe that you and I are faced with fundamental challenges every day – challenges that are variously defined as consumer or pocket book issues. We are here to further community aspirations by informing and providing all of us with a place to ignite interest, share ideas and propose solutions to our common concerns.

Who we are.
The Canadian Conversation is a community driven social enterprise that advances the creation of entrepreneurs and promotes the model of social enterprise across two impact themes:
1) the long-term unemployed (women, youth, seniors, and new Immigrants)
2) low income and under-served communities.

How we do it.
We chose the Social Enterprise model for several reasons. Social Enterprises are businesses. Businesses that build locally controlled wealth. Businesses which are capable of stabilizing community economies and to achieve this stability Corporate, Government and Educational partners play an essential role in stimulating, supporting, and shaping socially beneficial entrepreneurial business activity. Partnering with social enterprises easily lends itself to serve the public good, improve social conditions, and be commercially viable: a win–win solution.

Through our web-based discussion forums, blogs, articles, and strategic initiatives, we intend to ‘dynamize’ small business in Community enclaves.

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